Monthly Archives: May 2015

I am not a freak – I am unique



What exactly is a Creative Streak? What exactly is Unique Flair? And why do we lose track of it so much that it gets completely lost at times – yet it is so totally deeply embedded within and unique to each of us?


Where does it get buried, how on earth does it get úp to get some air to breathe and why do we have so much trouble believing it, trusting it and keeping it alive?


Well you’ve heard me say it before that according to snowflake theory not one snowflake is ever exactly the same as another – and the same can be said for us humans.


Different gene pools and types of mixes, different countries of origin, a global melting pot of traditional familial, cultural and spiritual belief systems and tribal codes of conduct.
Exposure to different things at different times, in different life stages for different reasons, with different people, viewed through different lenses.


It’s flipping mind boggling when you come to think of it that YOU are a totally UNIQUE, ONE of a KIND, never ever to be repeated, ONE-OF, ONE-OFF Human.


This is important stuff. Do you agree?

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