Monthly Archives: June 2015

Can You Feel the Muse-ic?

your muse-ic is your song


Really, can you feel the inner creative you rumble in your tummy? Can you feel your creative centre begin to lick its lips as a tantalizing moment enters your reality? Does inspiration send sirens rippling out across your stomach and deposit crazy ideas and possibilities into your head to remember for later? Or do many moments pass you by as you drift off into the wonder of a passing scene or mesmerizing sound?


Do you know this is your creative nature slurping up prompts like a delicious piece of cake; feeding itself as it tangos with the outer world and strengthens its inner-limbs for later use?

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Peek-a-Boo! Creative Streak, where are you?

    Where’s Your Creative Streak Hiding? Don’t despair. You’ll find it somewhere. NO you are not boring. NO you are not the same as everybody else. And NO you are not weird.   Here’s a gentle REMINDER.   YES you are totally unique. YES you are one of a kind. YES you are a… Read More