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Dealing with the Feeling


I believe we all have those times in life when we feel a desire to do something else and to break free from our current day to day.


At certain points in our life and specifically times when we are moving from stage of life to the next the intensity of this desire can magnify.


You may be feeling trapped, anxious and, a need to spread your wings


The choice is laid out for you: do something or do nothing.


So simple right. Yet what is not so simple is the confusion we cloak around the inner yearning.


Do you find yourself asking ‘why do I feel like this when I have enough?’, ‘why do I feel like this when I don’t even know what I want?’, ‘I don’t know what to do or where to even start’.


Add to this inner dialogue the likelihood that you can’t really talk about it or explain because on the surface you have all that you really need; yet inside you feel something is missing.


And day by day that yearning doesn’t seem to want to go away.

A great way to approach this could be to start to drop the outward yearning and rather than ask yourself ‘what do I want’ try asking yourself ‘how do I want to feel?.  Now that could be in the moment, or in a general manner.


And here’s the magic; follow that up with an activity or way you can elicit that feeling.


Maybe it’s a sense of freedom, or adventure or joy or vibrancy you are seeking.


Maybe a long drive on a country road, a hike along a cliff top or a big bunch of flowers that could light you up.

With Love


Dawn Atkin is a life and business coach committed to helping women trust their unique flair so they can make change in their lives with confidence and clarity.

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