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Hi There

This post is a little long but my hope is it will remind you that we are all different and at different stages of our journey as women, mothers, sisters, teachers, coaches, artists, accountants, healers or whatever we may be.

I follow a few groups and blogs and people on the internet and some of the lingo just does not resonate with me. I wondered why so I decided to sit with my journal and investigate this inner conflict.

What really happened is I arrived at my ‘why’. Why I am compelled to do the work I do and ‘why’ I love it so much.  Feel free to share it if it resonates with you.


I don’t live by, nor promise, kick ass, crush it, kick butt, blitz it, slap your bad-ass booty, give me a ‘Hell Yeah’, brazen, smash that goal, love your bliss, style of creative living, coaching and/or support.


I am a mature, in my 50’s, woman who has lived. I’ve partied, travelled, given birth, served, sacrificed, supported, suffered, loved, nurtured, worked and provided.
I’ve rode and sometimes hidden, the highs and lows of a full and real life.


I’ve studied, observed, integrated, and deeply considered the human condition.

I’ve lived and lain awake and in complete awareness just as I have stumbled blind and hurt through years of oblivion.


I have been humbled by my own vulnerability. I have wept.

And I have gathered my wounds into the hidden folds of my heart.


I have garnered bravado, plucked courage from my next breath, and moved ever forward on a whim of hope.


I have lived a full life as a woman. I know the depths of love and compassion. I know the pain of loss, the tepid soup of vulnerability, the wild storm of chaos and the fierce challenge of balancing the dynamics of family relationships, endless domestic realities and working to make ends meet.


I’ve worked slowly and methodically in the best way I could manage at the time through personal development, spiritual deepening and self awareness. I’ve paraded on the pedestal of my own spiritual ‘so above it all’ ego.

And I’ve climbed back down, looked back and asked myself ‘what the frig was that all about?’.


And I have arrived. Here. Now. Real. Ready. And truly committed to the women who I know are following close behind me. I reach out to assist just as those before me reached out to me.


I feel honoured to arrive at this moment in time in my life to work, support and guide women as they navigate the water-ways, rivers and oceans, where silt and salt sting and tattoo their skin: and the scars of experience etch deep through the tumultuous and numerous rites of passage.

This is the place where the scars become mine, yours, our stripes.


I feel honoured to bare witness to these earned scars and the becoming of a woman into her fullest bloom and beauty, and to admire her darkest wretched depths and to applaud her anger and violent outbursts that give volume to a voice trapped and unsung. To see her step in to the next phase of her life with the creativity and wisdom thus acquired, and the confidence to cherish and honour and truly appreciate all that she is, all that she can still be, all that she always has been, with total clarity, confidence, joy and ease.

To be an Authentic Almighty All-Woman.


This is my utmost passion. My deepest desire. My clear mid-life calling. It is service. And I surrender to it with tenderness, joy and my eyes and heart wide open.

May we all be full. May we all be allowed to spill.

And as an end note here’s the truth…

Sometimes I am actually a brazen, bad-ass, kick-ass, get shit done kinda woman. Sometimes I’m beaming with wisdom and compassion. Sometimes I’m fierce with angry words and a story to yell. Sometimes I’m as gentle and peaceful as still Lilly-pond. Sometimes I’m as turbulent and challenging as a churning perfect ocean storm? I am grateful of all of these ‘sometimes’ events. Without all of them I wouldn’t wholly be here.

With Love to You and Your next Almighty All-Woman steps.


Dawn Atkin is an inspiring and intuitive PASSION-PROJECT Consultant, Mentor & Innovator committed to helping others  bring their projects to fruition with their own unique flair, increased confidence, clarity and ease. She lives on the south coast of Western Australia and works and plays with people all over the world.

If you would like to know more or are ready to take the next step and create some magic in your life,  community or business   contact Dawn via her website or her Facebook Page – creativestreak1 


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  1. Wonderful, Dawn. When we take the time to really examine that piece within us that manifests itself on the outside, we can begin to live our feelings and be true to ourselves. Thank you for this.

    • You’re welcome Valerie.
      It is indeed a gift to acknowledge how ‘full’ we really are; with experience, wisdom and compassion.
      And furthermore to honour all of that as a gift.

      Thanks for dropping by.
      Love Dawn

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