Who Am I to feel Unfinished?

      Is this a conversation you have with yourself? Everything in my life is fine. Why isn’t that enough?   Who am I to want more? Who am I to want change? Who am I to want adventure, and excitement, or freedom and release?   Who am I to feel unfinished?   Why isn’t… Read More

My Muse told me she’d leave

My wild-wise-woman muse told me that she’d leave if I didn’t pull my finger out and write. It gave me a fright. I thought she was an eternal friend, always at the ready and waiting for me whenever I got the urge to splurge her.   It seems she’s getting ready to pack her bags and… Read More

Dealing with the Feeling

I believe we all have those times in life when we feel a desire to do something else and to break free from our current day to day.   At certain points in our life and specifically times when we are moving from stage of life to the next the intensity of this desire can… Read More

Your Creative Dream Matters

  Hear this:  Your Creative Life & Business Matters This is your passion. This is your absolute love. And you want to take it further. You want to step it up and do what you love doing and share it with the world. And then the fear sets in. Doubt clouds the dream. Everyday life… Read More

4 Ways ‘Yeah but’ keeps us stuck and 1 quick way to change it.

    “You get to write your own story.” This quote does get  tossed around a lot in personal development circles. It doesn’t mean you can change everybody else’s story, or halt the appearance of obstacles and challenges that life so generously flings our way. It means you can, I can, we can, choose to… Read More

11 Easy & Fun Ways to Squeeze your Creative Juice

    Is it time to get Juicy? Do you need to splash a little fun into your life, get the motor running, twirl your skirt and have some fun. Check out my latest muse-letter for some light-hearted and easy-to-do fun tips! Get  get juicy!     Love Dawn Dawn Atkin is a life and… Read More

Is it Time to Join the Dots?

  The whole of you is a creative painting in constant process? You have been being painted and painting you since the day you were born. You have collected, sifted, sorted and rearranged dots and bits from all of your interactions through life: the good, the bad and the ugly. Layers add texture. Texture adds… Read More

Can You Feel the Muse-ic?

  Really, can you feel the inner creative you rumble in your tummy? Can you feel your creative centre begin to lick its lips as a tantalizing moment enters your reality? Does inspiration send sirens rippling out across your stomach and deposit crazy ideas and possibilities into your head to remember for later? Or do… Read More

Peek-a-Boo! Creative Streak, where are you?

    Where’s Your Creative Streak Hiding? Don’t despair. You’ll find it somewhere. NO you are not boring. NO you are not the same as everybody else. And NO you are not weird.   Here’s a gentle REMINDER.   YES you are totally unique. YES you are one of a kind. YES you are a… Read More