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If I could fly


If I could fly, would I?


Would I find the faith to spread my wings?

Would I trust the currents and the winds?

Would I know the route to navigate?

Would I leave my not-knowing at the gate?


Would I let the skies hold me in their expansive palms?

Would I let the solid mass of earth release me from its charms?

Would I have the courage to take in the view?

Would I let the change in perspective blast everything I thought I knew?


Would I trust the strangers in the clouds?

Would I feel at ease flying with a different crowd?

Would I lose my breath and panic in the moment?

Would I lose my cloaks that I so proudly ornament?


Would I try to grasp as I lose my balance?

Would I miss a turning and lose my  challenge?

Would I climb higher even though I know it never ends?

Would I risk a flight path that leaves behind all my friends?


Would I seek the stars so twinkly and bright?

Would their magnificence blind my tiny eyes?

Would I drop in to a storm knowing I will again rise?

Would I fly high enough to snap all my earth-bound gags and ties?


Would I choose to fly into infinity?

Would I fly hard enough to bring others with me?

Would I dance upon the moon’s dusty skin?

Would I slurp the Milky Way wholly in?


Would I start a new call from this expansive view?

If I would then pray tell me now…

What would and could this new call do?

Always with love


Dawn Atkin is an inspiring and intuitive PASSION-PROJECT Consultant, Mentor & Innovator committed to helping others  bring their projects to fruition with their own unique flair, increased confidence, clarity and ease. She lives on the south coast of Western Australia and works and plays with people all over the world.

If you would like to know more or are ready to take the next step and create some magic in your life,  community or business   contact Dawn via her website or her Facebook Page – creativestreak1 


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