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Is it Time to Join the Dots?

painting a new map


The whole of you is a creative painting in constant process?

You have been being painted and painting you since the day you were born.

You have collected, sifted, sorted and rearranged dots and bits from all of your interactions through life: the good, the bad and the ugly. Layers add texture. Texture adds character.

You may now know you have a creative twinge.

You may be beginning to feel you are ready for the next bit.

You have ideas. You can list them down:  pages of them.

Yet, when it comes to executing them you freeze or get started and then stop, or start a whole lot get overwhelmed and then stop, and then maybe even beat yourself up. Hey guess what – me too.

Or you may have absolutely no idea. Blank. Empty. Space.

Block after block arises. The brakes come on. The inner critic blows its mighty trumpet and we submit to its deafening whine; ever faithful servants that we are. Ask yourself …

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I am not a freak – I am unique

  What exactly is a Creative Streak? What exactly is Unique Flair? And why do we lose track of it so much that it gets completely lost at times – yet it is so totally deeply embedded within and unique to each of us?   Where does it get buried, how on earth does it… Read More