I am not a freak – I am unique



What exactly is a Creative Streak? What exactly is Unique Flair? And why do we lose track of it so much that it gets completely lost at times – yet it is so totally deeply embedded within and unique to each of us?


Where does it get buried, how on earth does it get úp to get some air to breathe and why do we have so much trouble believing it, trusting it and keeping it alive?


Well you’ve heard me say it before that according to snowflake theory not one snowflake is ever exactly the same as another – and the same can be said for us humans.


Different gene pools and types of mixes, different countries of origin, a global melting pot of traditional familial, cultural and spiritual belief systems and tribal codes of conduct.
Exposure to different things at different times, in different life stages for different reasons, with different people, viewed through different lenses.


It’s flipping mind boggling when you come to think of it that YOU are a totally UNIQUE, ONE of a KIND, never ever to be repeated, ONE-OF, ONE-OFF Human.


This is important stuff. Do you agree?

  • Get re-acquainted with your Creative Streak – know it as you are now.
  • Learn to trust your unique flair – play with it.
  • Understand and see clearly how this unique aspect of you is the vessel of your passion, message, purpose.
  • Climb aboard and ride it with confidence and joy at home, work and play.
  • Take a look at the new road map – reset your compass to possibility – design your unique streak/way forward.


So instead of copying everyone else why is it so hard to stand up and stand out – or sit down and be beautiful and quietly proud?


At certain times of our lives we embrace this individuation. We are playful in our own creative being. Through different life stages we watch and learn from others, and copy and mimic and decide what we do and don’t like, what intrigues, what repels what is mysterious, hilarious, curious or careless.

All of this constant experience adds dimensions to our individuality and unique experience and therefore expression in the world – through our daily lives at home, work and play.

We learn to save little bits, hide other bits and develop yet other bits in various social circumstances and situations. We fragment to suit the codes and norms of the various cultural and social systems we traverse through.


You know the old saying: Mother, Sister, Lover, Cook. Well I had a different outfit for each one of those ‘roles’, or expressions in the past.


Over the years the outfit became pretty much the tame same for all of them. A functional, easy wash ‘n wear tunic and a frown/snarl/smile/ sigh to suit any occasion. Well okay, there was some colourful interludes in my outer wear, but the inner wardrobe became a closet.


Amidst life’s demands the door to my spontaneity got jammed. I tumbled along with the heaving oceanic swell and ebb and flow of life. And then I got to a confronting inner place called ‘Dullsville’.


I’ve been there few times. Yawn… I’ve been stuck there without a map or a compass, and sometimes even without a will to find my way out.


At those times I had lost my creative spark – well I didn’t even realise I had one – I thought that artists had all the streaks and sparks. I had to dig in deep and look for that little bit of unique me, my little flame of individuality. So I did. And I began to really dig it, appreciate it and trust it and embrace it as a moral and decision-making compass for my life.


Creative Streak and flair is the basis of a whole lot of our outer and inner decisions in life.


When we feel stuck, lost, dissatisfied, dull, suppressed, it’s a sign to get re-acquainted with our/your unique flair at a deeper level and leverage its delicious, ‘individual as a snowflake’ power  in your everyday reality as much as possible: at home, work or play.


Own it!

Love Dawn


Dawn Atkin is a life and business coach committed to helping women trust their unique flair so they can make change in their lives with confidence and clarity.

If you would like to know more or are ready to take the next step and create some change in your life,  at home, work or play,  contact Dawn via her website www.dawnatkin.com or her Facebook Page – creativestreak1 

6 Responses to I am not a freak – I am unique

  1. A vacation, taking the day off, even going to the movies… Anything that gets me out of my predictable routine nourished my creative streak. Snowflake power nourishes my soul. Brenda

  2. I love this! I have a friend who will not come to my house for dinner because she thinks she will have to invite me to her home in return and she can’t handle it because she tries to have everything perfect like found in a magazine. Not unique and too much stress. I know she is not the only one like this.I wish she would just follow her creative spark.

    • Hi Haralee
      Perhaps you and your friend could play a bit of Peek – a Boo! Creative Streak Where are you?
      Check out my latest blog post – it might be a bit of fun to do together.
      Keep your spark on high
      regards Dawn

  3. Thank you, Dawn. I especially appreciate your sharing insight into your own process of identifying your unique creative streak, and incorporating that into your life path out of Dullsville. You encourage through example; you inspire introspection; you light the trail to transformation. “Take a look at the new road map — reset your compass to possibility.” I shall.

    • Hi Susan
      Thanks for dropping by.
      I’m glad of the opportunity to inspire you.
      Possibility is endless…
      Regards Dawn

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