My Muse told me she’d leave

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My wild-wise-woman muse told me that she’d leave if I didn’t pull my finger out and write.

It gave me a fright. I thought she was an eternal friend, always at the ready and waiting for me whenever I got the urge to splurge her.


It seems she’s getting ready to pack her bags and go. She told me I have to stop denying her, hiding her, keeping her from view.


She told me to show her to you. (Scary thought for a closet penstress. Nevertheless I got to work.)


She has a message called ‘Slap the Dither’. Not very enticing I know. But I’m letting her take my hand and guide me to the words she wants to show.


I’m feeling the resistance even now, but she’s at my back, tut-tut-tutting and all of that: “get that shit out!”

I can feel her shout ping down my spine. I can feel her impatience wanting to shine, and my resistance and biding my time is getting her down.


Stop that crap. It’s a trap. You’ve got a gift,
and even if you’re not quite sure that that’s what it is,
share that dang thing.

So here’s me and my muse…


Closeted for too many years, I’ve bored her to tears.

Hidden in journals and computer files, she’s travelled miles.

Between my sheets. Beneath my clothes. In my dreams.

Behind the scenes of my internal nervous rantings.

She’s been at the fore when beauty has scored my view.

She loves everything that I do.

She pants with delight when inspiration strikes.

She aches through the pain of long dark nights.

She holds me, cuckolds me and soothes my fears.

She reaches right in me and mops up my tears.


She dances with me beneath the moon and the stars.

She sings with me, tripping and giggling through awkward la-la-la-la’s.

She is a diamond of strength, a whimsical beauty.

She is neither fussy nor hell bent on the correct way things should be.

She is exquisitely deeply all shades of me.


She is the queen of all word-gems in my crown – that gleam.

She is the maiden of prowess – as words leave my head.

She is the warrior of flow – and brandishes her sword,

when the fear dragons loom and circle too near.


My Queen. My Muse. I’m so lucky to have you here.

So no more no writing. No more tucking it away.

From now on my muse is my life and together we will play, and work out a way to move her in to the outer world of hungry eyes and word gobblers.

We’ll shock and delight and entice and surprise.


We are a team.

No longer will I allow her to be shamed by my fear of being poetically seen.

No longer will I supress her wax lyrical dress of ponder and prose and smart-ass sassy ness.


We’re out.


Care to join us? 🙂


With Love


Dawn Atkin is a life and business coach committed to helping women trust their unique flair so they can make change in their lives with confidence and clarity.

If you would like to know more or are ready to take the next step and create some change in your life,  at home, work or play,  contact Dawn via her website or her Facebook Page – creativestreak1 

10 Responses to My Muse told me she’d leave

  1. My heart is DANCING! I am so happy to read this celebration of your connection to your creativity, your relationship with your Muse, your dedication to your expression of deep-rooted thoughts and ethereal imaginings.

    Dawn, your talent for funneling that swirly-whirl of words onto the page, onto the stage, out of the cage is REMARKABLE, mark my words. The hues you use are enthralling; the shine of each line does its calling. You inspire (can you tell?), you guide, you illuminate, you reflect, you expose, you provoke thought, you invite, you stand beside us and you lead us by example.

    There is a place with so much space for your words … the remarkable, awe-inspiring phrasing and brand new combinations of words that you create. I shall read and re-read your reconnection with your in-full-mid-life-swing Muse. I am sorry you lost touch with her for a while; I am thankful you shared this rekindling with us.

    I stand with you as you play and explore the inner and outer with your Muse and find new ways to present your gifts with open hands and receive the appreciation with open arms.

    A phrase I created which helps me is “resistance invites persistence”. I’m thankful for your persistence, Dawn.

    Big hugs and cheers for the mid-life woman experience with all of its complexities and rewards.
    – Susan

  2. Dear Dawn,

    As promised, I have already read and re-read your Muse-ing, with delight and a gladdened heart. (and will visit again and again…).

    When Doubt tries to sneak in, realize that she is insecure as well and just needs to be recognized. Take the time to acknowledge her and then introduce her to Hope. Here are a few of my thoughts on Hope.

    * I awake each day with hope and gratitude in my heart, ready for renewed insights and progress.
    * That’s the beauty of hope and gratitude … they cushion, buoy and inspire the heart.
    * Hope is the memory of our ancestors’ successful struggles.

    * Hope is fragile and robust, fleeting and enduring.
    Hope enters the heart nimbly and sprinkles rainbow sparkles.
    Hope resides.
    Hope inspires.
    Some moments it feels like Hope is outmatched, but it never is.
    Hope observes; Hope strategizes; Hope plans; Hope supports; Hope prevails.

    I wish I had the time and the talent in real, current terms to support you in spreading your good work. Know that it is worth sharing, and there are many directions that it could go. You have a broad range of talents and your writing takes many shapes. Think about what you have already accomplished and know that this is just one more big step, like the big steps you’ve taken in the past (first grade to second grade seemed like a stretch, didn’t it?, but you made it!). It really isn’t a giant step; just do some stretching of your muscles and stride out strong. You know how to make connections at a meaningful level. Those connections will build the links to the Unexpected, and the Unexpected always travels with Opportunity.

    That sounds like pressure, but it’s not. Truly. I’m delighted by your reinvigoration and stand in solidarity with you as you enJOY your words for yourself, as you create and SHARE, as you explore and celebrate this amazing mid-life time and the “possABILITIES” it brings. Your words come alive for others; let them experience that.

    The path winds and meanders and falls and rises … savor the journey and the view along the way.


  3. One more post, then I better get to work! : ) Can you tell I’m excited for you and glad to have your words to read?

    I wrote this piece for another purpose, but I think it could be relatable.

    Hold my hand, for I journey with you.
    We are on the same path at different times, yet we journey together.
    Uneven terrain that deceives our footing
    Steep slopes straining us to our limit
    Interminable shifts in the scenery
    Glimpses of magnificence along the way

    [swa 2016]

    BTW … is there a way for me to include my picture for my posts or is that just through a Facebook sign in, for example? I’ve added my photo to Disqus, so it shows up in some places.


    • Thanks Shalini,
      Nice to see you here.
      And hoping you keep checking in on your muse. So useful for all sorts of personal and business discussions and creative decision-making.

      Love Dawn

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