Peek-a-Boo! Creative Streak, where are you?

You are unique



Where’s Your Creative Streak Hiding? Don’t despair. You’ll find it somewhere.

NO you are not boring. NO you are not the same as everybody else. And NO you are not weird.


Here’s a gentle REMINDER.


YES you are totally unique.
YES you are one of a kind.
YES you are a never ever to be repeated,
one-of, one-off creative human being.

I promise that creative inner you is expressed everywhere and every day whether you realize it or not. Some times it’s crying out for attention, other times it may be beaming with delight, or it may be curled up reading a book and waiting for you to drop in and say hello.


Important – try not to limit the term ‘creative streak’ to only artistic or traditional creative pursuits. Not everybody expresses themselves as a poet, painter, dancer or thespian. (But I m so grateful that a lot of people do.)


Creativity – or I prefer the term ‘Creative Streaking’ – is everywhere.


Inspiration + Imagination = Creativity. My favourite type of math!


Creative thought and action is the basis of our survival.

Whoa – deep. No, not really.

Humans are good at that – surviving. We’re good at working out as ‘creatively’ as possible how to go about it, how to enjoy it and how to change things around a bit. Okay sometimes we get a bit ‘stuck’, but we’re still alive and at some point change arrives either from our own inner motivation or due to an external stimulus, prompt or kick in the butt.


Some of us are not so good at realizing and valuing that we are innately creative and it is essential to our well being, our relationships and our work.  We all have a very deep well of life experience to draw upon and use creatively.


We have a right to survive, be creative and thrive.


Our creative expression could be
grand – think mansions and steeples,
or subtle – think nuances and flair.


Your creative expression is camping right now in the
everyday corners and crevices of your life.

So close your eyes for a moment or two (after you’ve finished reading of course) and let’s take a walk through your life just observing where expressions of the inner you have become externalized and hang around in your outer world.


Perhaps it’s in your bedroom – the colour of your sleep wear, your linen, the dangle of jewels on your dressing table, the pictures on the wall, and the tumble of clothes on the floor or in the wardrobe. Perhaps it’s whispering its presence in the choice of book or lamp on the bedside table.


Maybe your creative, individual unique self has clambered into the kitchen, with cutlery and dinner ware and crazy stripy towels or innovative recipes born from a scant pantry.


Possibly this creative streak is reclining in the lounge room dripping with cushions, draped with rugs or wall hangings and framed with mementoes and photos of days gone by?


Perhaps it’s the silly humour on a nerdy television show or the sweeping drama of an epic historic movie that titillates its creative heart.


Are there colours there that seem to rule, or is your preference a pastiche of splattered multi-hued textures?  Are there days you feel drawn to wearing a particular colour or piece of jewelry or using a specific tea-cup or pen? Is there some hanging out in the courtyard or garden or in your car or hand bag?



Seriously your creative expression is all over the place.
And your home is only the beginning.



Sometimes it’s not so obvious. Sometimes it’s the subtle little things that we take for granted, that we think everybody else does, or likes or chooses.


Sure we’re influenced by external styles and preferences and the heaving ‘buy this ‘coz it’s so cool’ mind-bending marketing machines. Even then we can copy, choose and pick what suits us, what takes our creative fancy and how much of it we can, or want, to take in. Each time we are selecting and discerning and adding and growing and creating and deepening our creative selves.


Yes you do have a unique flair.
Yes you do have a creative streak.


Even when you are feeling mundane and dull there is still a squeak of it there. It influences our choices, our comfort zones, our inner world and our outer expression.


We may seek some inspiration, motivation or guidance from our outer world, but they are just prompts to tickle the inner unique us awake.


So check out your space, your surroundings and make a note of how the little things that you may take for granted make you feel. Consider colour, texture, sound and scent. Use all of your senses. And cherish the feeling.


Your unique streak is your totally unique ways of being; it is both your inner and outer flair and grace. And when cherished it can joyfully permeate your experience at home, work and play.


When we really acquaint ourselves with it and appreciate it is a part of our deeper selves we can use it in so many ways – on our good, medium or bad days.


Re-acquaint yourself with the layers and textures of the CREATIVE YOU.
Know it –simply as you are right now.


If you have reached a point in time where you know you have to do something, make some changes but feel stuckuninspired, unmotivated – then know this – I’ve been there too and change is possible.


It may be time to reignite that old passion, re-visit those past grand creative ideas, flashes of inspiration and light bulb moments that are still niggling in the ether, tap in to your unique flair and do some inner renovations.

You just have to take the first step.


With Love



Dawn Atkin is a life and business coach committed to helping women trust their unique flair so they can make change in their lives with confidence and clarity.

If you would like to know more or are ready to take the next step and create some change in your life,  at home, work or play,  contact Dawn via her website or her Facebook Page – creativestreak1 

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  1. Up late, jet lagged, over thinking things and getting very despondent – I read this! Feeling much better. What a great contemplation to get back on creative track. Thank you x Now having read it, I have to do it!

    • Peek – a Boo to you. Welcome back home.
      Lydia I am sure your signature creative nature is splashed all over your lovely home.
      Warm regards

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