Let’s work together

Let’s work together


Creative Streak 036_small circleI look forward to connecting with you and working out a way forward. 

               Your Creative Streak. Your Unique Flair. Your Life.

Let’s chat. We can discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

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 This is a  FREE – yes NO-charge , no obligation, ‘Discovery Call’.


Good on you for making a move. 

When we have had a discovery chat and discussed all the possibilities YOU can CHOOSE

your next step according to what suits you and your needs.

orange tick_small  POWER HOUR

You can really hone in and get clarity and power forward. I will be totally focused on you and your aspiration for one hour.  We will unravel any chaos, pinpoint priorities and set the compass for your immediate future being uniquely you.  ($190)



orange tick_small  FUTURE FOCUS

Are you juggling 3 or 4 projects at once and getting nowhere? How much time do you spend running from one project to the next without really finishing anything? Would you like to feel a sense of achievement and even completion? Would you like a clear plan that shows you what to focus on and how to celebrate when you get there?

Imagine ending the day, week, month, feeling satisfied and on track. If you’re ready to take to take your refreshed future focus, clear goals and actions mapped out for the next 6 weeks, strategies to deal with peak load times, all in a ‘unique to you’ plan let’s get started.

The Future Focus is a 2 hour intensive, one to one via Skype.     ($295)



orange tick_small  FORWARD & FOCUSED 

Have you got so many ‘bits’ to your business you can’t work out where to focus first? Do you keep putting off something you’d love to start in your business because you’ve already got so much going on? How much time do you spend running from one project to the next without really finishing anything? With a clear plan and some accountability, encouragement and support you can focus on the future with purpose and passion and your own unique flair.

Focused Action is a 6 week program with weekly one to one via Skype and email support to keep you moving forward. ($795)




Consultancy and support available for longer term projects and operations management for creative and innovative women entrepreneurs. This right-brain to the rescue project and operations support blends the traditional left-brain linear, logical, analytical project management framework with tools for handling the ambiguity that many contemporary ‘stretch’ projects require. Purpose, experimenting and adapting, creativity, and improvisation are welcome and expected in this unique approach to project and business management.  This package is for a minimum of 6 months or extended for the duration of project life-cycle. Consulting and mentoring may include concept development, strategic planning, project scoping, planning, business and project development and implementation independent to or within your current business operations.

If you are interested to learn more about this support service please contact me and let’s have a chat about the possibilities.  (Packages start from $1495)



Remember all you have to do is book a Free Discovery call to see how well we could work together.

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I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.


Warm Regards

Dawn Atkin




Dawn Atkin is an inspiring and intuitive PASSION-PROJECT Consultant, Mentor & Innovator committed to helping others  bring their projects to fruition with their own unique flair, increased confidence, clarity and ease. She lives on the south coast of Western Australia and works and plays with people all over the world.

If you would like to know more or are ready to take the next step and create some magic in your life,  community or business   contact Dawn via her website www.dawnatkin.com or her Facebook Page – creativestreak1