Nice things people say

Nice things people say

Michelle Hickman_circle

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for the Strategic Flame session. Before the session I was feeling confused with what I needed to do next in my business. I wasn’t clear on my vision or message. I also felt like I was working all of the time, but it wasn’t really making a difference to the business. I feel like I now have a plan for moving forward. Indeed I do have a plan as Dawn as we mapped out some goals for the next three months, based on what came out of the session. I’ve come away with creative ideas on different aspects of my business, but not only that I can look at my business and what I offer and know if it fits with my objectives.

Dawn has an incredible amount of experience from her past work life, and she brings all of that into her session. I felt like I was being supported by someone who really knows her stuff.

If you are feeling lost with your direction, needing clarity or support, I would highly recommend Dawn, she see’s qualities in you that you aren’t even aware you have. I’m looking forward to the next part of the journey where we work together on a consistent basic, to gain momentum.  Love Michelle

(Michelle Hickman – Holisitic Well Being Facilitator and Life Coach, Living Wisdom Centre)



Nikki Green_circle

I just wanted to thank you so much for our recent session – it really was the kick that I needed to get me moving forward. Prior to our session, I knew that I had something to offer but was not quite clear exactly how to ‘package it’. Your session brought me the clarity that I have been yearning for. Through your leading questions, and play with words and language, you managed to bring out the correct lenses through which I can now see the whole picture with greater focus – past, present and future! Since our session, I have written and sent a newsletter to my extensive database in Sydney, Melbourne and New York, and have also designed an advertisement for a wedding magazine as well as scoring an editorial featuring my personalised hand made marriage contracts. Thanks to you, I feel empowered to move forward with confidence and commitment – welcoming commission in honour of love, life and connection. Bring it on! With Gratitude, Nikki.
(Nikki Green – Artist & Educator)




Andrea FISHER_circle

My time with Dawn was like stepping into the bowl of an alchemist… gently she held me, knowing there was gold to be found, working me with her creative hands like sacred dough ready to rise.  And, when I did… the results were gloriously delicious!  With Love and Thank you Dawn ~ as a Holder/Carrier of Dreams, the World becomes magical.
(Andrea Fisher – Musician, Singer – Songwriter.)




Hazel BLAKE_circle
I had four sessions with Dawn over 3 months.  The processes were great.  I came with a basic business plan written out but Dawn helped me clarify it, hone it down and prioritise a chain reaction of goals that saw me launch a web site, a Facebook page, my own digital art business and also buy a small graphic design business.

We did a lot of talking through hopes, dream and fears, harvesting ideas that resonated and working on those.  I particularly found the goal setting and accountability very useful in motivating me where I had previously been procrastinating.

I enjoyed Dawn’s style of coaching, she is smart, intuitive and light whilst remaining focused on the results we both wanted.  Importantly Dawn helped me notice and acknowledge how much I have done and how far I have already progressed.

If you are unsure of your direction, procrastinating, or fearful I highly recommend some  sessions with Dawn.
(Hazel Blake – Digital Artist – Creative Origin)





Lana PIERCEY_circle

Thank you so much for all your help, the way seems much clearer! Dawn has helped me gain more insight and a clearer vision of where my business and life is heading. I had ideas, but was confused as to where to start and having no clear plan.

Dawn, with her warm honest and friendly manner, has helped me to find a clear path and follow it. She helped me to remove the stress over “getting it all done”, and before I knew it we had talked and it was all laid it out in simple, doable terms, that I can understand and follow. Her support has been invaluable. Thank you so much Dawn!
(Lana Piercey – Intuitive Artist, Heal Your Life Facilitator)





Rebecca LAYZELL-COMMONS_circle

Dawn is such a vibrant representative for the empowerment of women, she has a gift for cutting to the chase and seeing what is real and relevant in peopleʼs lives. Her skill in teaching is always evident along with deep and natural empathy for the feminine.

Full of contagious energy and enthusiasm, Dawn is adept at giving you the tools you need to elevate your existence to a whole other, and more satisfying level. For anyone needing a cheerleader on their journey to self fulfillment and confidence in life, Dawn Atkin is the one. (Rebecca Layzell-Commons – Writer, Specialist Baker) 





Linda Bradbury_circle

Unbelievable that within a mere hour of wise, compassionate and reflective listening, my amorphous creative frustrations were transformed into measurable, achievable and realistic goals with clear and precise commitments and strategies.  I felt both relieved and delighted. With Dawn’s help shining  discerning light, before I knew it I was defining perceived obstacles and uncovering core beliefs, enabling the development of a smart way to honour and trust my creative self. I remain deeply grateful.  With Love.
(Linda Bradbury – Poet, Creative Writer, Community Artist)





Jane KELSBIE_circle

Focusing on the positive and engaging with, interrogating and then trusting my inner strengths is what I was able to take away after my time spent with Dawn. Dawn has a much appreciated skill that allowed me to look into myself for answers and trust my intuition as well as offered me some possible tools   to drive and strengthen my  own pathway. Time with Dawn made such a big difference to my next actions in life.
(Jane Kelsbie)





Meleah FARRELL_circle

Dawn is somewhat a guiding light in my artistic career and has been instrumental in the development of my photographic art business. Her experience and knowledge of the creative industry and genuine passion to help me define, pursue and fulfil my authentic creative path has been significant in my success thus far.

Dawn has given me the skills necessary to organise and focus my creative thoughts, shown me different ways to approach projects confidently and coherently and motivated me to not wait for opportunities but to make my own!

I would not be where I am today without her guidance,  encouragement and support. If you are looking for someone to help you make that next step and grow into your full creative potential, then I cannot recommend Dawn highly enough.
(Meleah Farrell – Abstract Photographer, Workshop Facilitator & Gallery Business Owner)






Thanks so much Dawn. I can’t believe that  I am well and truly on my way with absolute confidence and clarity. I know you say I already know the answers, but I needed to know where to look for them. I have moved forward so much this last week. I have two new clients and I have been invited to speak at two local events.

If anyone is feeling stuck, overwhelmed or just can’t see what they need to do next I definitely recommend investing in some time with Dawn. Clarity, direction, inspiration, encouragement, all part of the package.
(Macey Turner – Facilitator & Trainer – Social Services)





Annabelle ARNOLD_circle

Dawn has been a colleague and a friend of mine for 15 years and has been mentoring me to help me expand my vision and my business. I understand the importance of activation of our divine inner spark that leads to an awakening. It is clearly evident that Dawn is following her soul’s purpose. I felt very supported in our sessions and her grounded yet multilevel, expansive view opened something up for me. Dawn’s experience in management and creative community and cultural development projects is a credit to her. Her down to earth humour combined with focused professional flare makes her shine. I look forward to our continued exploration of possibilities.
(Annabelle Arnold – Spiritual Healer and Therapist)


Dawn Atkin is a Life and Business Coach committed to helping women trust their unique flair so they can make change in their lives with confidence and clarity. She lives on the south coast of Western Australia and works with women all over the world.

If you would like to know more or are ready to take the next step and create some change in your life,  at home, work or play,  contact Dawn now.