Your Creative Dream Matters

Your Creative Dream matters


Hear this:  Your Creative Life & Business Matters

This is your passion. This is your absolute love. And you want to take it further. You want to step it up and do what you love doing and share it with the world.

And then the fear sets in. Doubt clouds the dream. Everyday life seeps in and takes a stranglehold. The dream dwindles in the corner.

BIG DREAMS seem so doable one moment and then so far away the next.
It’s like a giant pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other.


One day – YES I can do it. The next day – NO what was I thinking?

How about harnessing that dream?

How about getting really clear on what it is and accepting that it can be as flexible and meaningful as you like?

How about understanding that the path can always be started? Right Now!

How about a small step and a series of stepping stones framed in a bigger plan that will lead you there?

Are you sick of waiting, annoyed that you keep putting it off, feel like all the odd bits aren’t colouring in the right steps?

Are you ready to build your own unique stepping stone, staircase, map?


Are you ready to have somebody support and focus 100% on you and your dream?

What’s stopping you? It might not be what you think.

Let’s join forces and make sure that another day, month or year doesn’t pass you by and leave you wondering.

Over 4 weeks we can hone in, get clear on your creative aspirations and plan a way to move confidently forward.

I’ve got four places for four weeks of one to one (yes, just you and me) ‘Your Creative Dream Matters’ Creative Streak Life & Business Coaching and Support packages.

You can start anytime between now, November, and January 2016. But you need to secure your space. If you want more information or would like to chat or discover more about this please Comment below, visit my FB Page and message me or Press BOOK NOW and let me know that you’re interested.

So if you’re ready Act NOW.

$400 (or 2 payments x $220). (Normally $600.) First come. First serve.

Action Time Peeps 🙂

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Lots of Love


Dawn Atkin is a life and business coach committed to helping women trust their unique flair so they can make change in their lives with confidence and clarity.

If you would like to know more or are ready to take the next step and create some change in your life,  at home, work or play,  contact Dawn via her website or her Facebook Page – creativestreak1 

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